Bobbibrown revue

Today my post will be shorter than usual it’s a review of two of my favorite products

I have been using the Bobbi Brown foundation stick for a while now. I honestly love it, my best foundation thus far.The minute I apply it, it blends so well on my skin creating a flawless velvety finish. We all love a flawless look when we put foundation and it doesn’t crack on the skin after a long day. Its very light, you don’t feel like you have a mask on. I’ve tried foundations where I felt a bit heavy on my face. Really there’s nothing bad I can say about this foundation and I mean the packaging is excellent as well no smudging or anything of that sort. You will have to try it to understand.

I asked to do a review of their lipstick which I hope will be one of many reviews I’ll be doing with them.I love lipsticks which is why I chose them first. They sent me this amazing rum raisin. I think this color is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the season. I always stress the fact that I have dry lips and when it comes to lipsticks I take extra precaution. This Bobbi brown lipstick is so amazing on my lips, it has a creamy texture and it’s moisturizing. It’s semi matte and long wear. I just love it. The look and finish it gives is amazing, on the picture below I applied three layers just to give it that extra punch. That’s versatility right? you can either have it light or strong just like your coffee.

Here is a link to this amazing Bobbi brown lipstick must have should you feel like it’s needed.


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  1. You’re so gorgeous! I love the colour, having tanned skin myself I’m always on the look out for beautiful berry red lipsticks. Can I ask what camera you used for your pictures?

    Sassiya xo

  2. Wow that color looks amazing! I am so scared to embrace the dark lipstick colors that are trending this season. I really have not worn lipstick in years and always feel awkward when I try to wear it – I think though it is time for the plunge!

    1. You missing out on the fun.. I understand where you are coming from though I was there before. You just need that extra push and bit more confidence to wear the lipstick and feel amazing especially the colors that are not the norm😊

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