The way she wears it 

A classic piece that every wardrobe needs, so perfect it can be styled in so many ways. Each wearer creating their own unique style. It gives elegance and class to any outfit. Ladies get yourselves a camel coat.

 Camel coats are vintage pieces and there’s something unique about a fashion piece that never goes out of style. If you don’t know what to wear, it always comes in handy especially at this time of the year. You can wear a simple pair of jeans and a t-shirt but once you put the camel coat on, it transforms the look.

A few things you have to consider when buying a camel coat are: the material, the craftsmanship how it’s made is very important as it determines the whole appearance, the seems, lining, buttons etc.The blend is it with wool, cashmere or mohair? My favorite is cashmere blend like the one I’m wearing it gives it a slick high end appearance.The cut is also important because we all have different body types which then makes the choice an individual one like choosing from double breasted or not, oversized or fitting, with a belt or without. At the moment oversized coats are trending but let that not discourage you if you love the fitting cut. It works just as beautifully depending on how you style it. Certain occasions work well with both fitting and oversized for example a work function or meeting or just going to work a fitting camel coat looks amazing. Grabbing coffee with friends or going shopping an oversized camel coat works best. So why not have them both and change them up for each occasion.

Quick tip: When shopping do you just buy because you like an item then arrive home nothing goes with your new item in your wardrobe then that item is stashed somewhere in your wardrobe neglected? Well next time you go shopping consider the following how does this item fit in my wardrobe? Do I have a few pieces that will compliment this item?With these questions you have your whole wardrobe in your head when shopping so whatever item you buy, you already put it in an outfit with what you already have. 

Here are a few camel coat inspirations taken from Pinterest that will get you adding a camel coat to your wardrobe.


With love.xx

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