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Hi lovelies

Well I know i have been a bit quiet on my blog, to be honest I was brainstorming on what to write about, how to write etc. It’s also difficult to find inspiration when you have two teething babies to tend to. Anyway today I’m sharing my look of the day. 

I am dressed in a simple yet chic outfit and I thought it’s worth sharing with you guys. The color coordination is amazing, it’s simple yet sophisticated. As you know I wrote a post on camel coats, I really just love them. What better way to wear camel coats than with all black pieces. All black is such a statement color that will always make you look amazing and elegant without trying too much. When you are going somewhere and you don’t know what to wear it’s always best to reach for your black dress or pants. All you have to do after is give it a punch by adding a bright color lipstick. Otherwise if you like natural lips just throw any color jacket on and you are dressed to kill.

 I’m carrying a gorgeous bag from MOA Paris. They sent me this bag to review and I absolutely love it. When looking for a handbag we always look for a good quality bag that will last us a lifetime. We always think the more expensive the bag, the better the quality. In most cases this is true but in this case it’s not, this bag costs 40€. The quality is amazing, it is well designed and well stitched. If I don’t mention the price one would assume it is expensive. So next time you go bag shopping look around the low priced bags, there is quality within them. 

I am wearing a dark lipstick so my lip color doesn’t take away from my look, instead it gives it a slight dramatic contrast. I played around on this last picture by putting on glasses just to have a different feel to the look. My watch is from Saint london XVI which I wrote about in my previous post if it interests you. I’m wearing a very simple necklace to add a bit of class to the look. I feel it all came together beautifully.

I will post the look on (shop my look) which is by the menu button. So if you like it you can have an idea of where to find the items.

Let me know your thoughts.

Love always xx

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