Bobbibrown revue

Today my post will be shorter than usual it’s a review of two of my favorite products

I have been using the Bobbi Brown foundation stick for a while now. I honestly love it, my best foundation thus far.The minute I apply it, it blends so well on my skin creating a flawless velvety finish. We all love a flawless look when we put foundation and it doesn’t crack on the skin after a long day. Its very light, you don’t feel like you have a mask on. I’ve tried foundations where I felt a bit heavy on my face. Really there’s nothing bad I can say about this foundation and I mean the packaging is excellent as well no smudging or anything of that sort. You will have to try it to understand.

I asked to do a review of their lipstick which I hope will be one of many reviews I’ll be doing with them.I love lipsticks which is why I chose them first. They sent me this amazing rum raisin. I think this color is absolutely gorgeous and perfect for the season. I always stress the fact that I have dry lips and when it comes to lipsticks I take extra precaution. This Bobbi brown lipstick is so amazing on my lips, it has a creamy texture and it’s moisturizing. It’s semi matte and long wear. I just love it. The look and finish it gives is amazing, on the picture below I applied three layers just to give it that extra punch. That’s versatility right? you can either have it light or strong just like your coffee.

Here is a link to this amazing Bobbi brown lipstick must have should you feel like it’s needed.


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Lipstick is always a good idea

Today I want to share with you a bit on lipstick.We have heard the qoutes of when in doubt wear lipstick or give a woman a redlipstick and she will conquer the world. There is something truthful about that sometimes I’m so busy as a mom I hardly have time to fix my hair let alone do my make up and it’s time to go out for lunch but one thing I always remember is my nude lipstick from Mac it never leaves my handbag, it’s definitely my when in doubt.I love redlipstick and honestly i always feel like i can conquer the world with the amount of confidence it gives me.

When it comes to lipsticks you can buy from very affordable,affordable and expensive, the look you get will be very similar depending off course if you like matte or glossy. I have tested lipsticks in these categories and honestly there is not much difference so I think it’s best to go with your pocket or be an all rounder like me.

This Rouge Dior 999 matte lipstick is my most expensive I’m happy to say it’s the only one I own at the moment maybe I’ll try different colors from Chanel or Yves saint Laurent etc and keep them for special occasions or as souvenirs haha.This lipstick gives me so much, I have a problem with dry lips that escalates the minute I put on lipstick, but I find this one very moisturizing though it’s a matte. It lasts for about 16 hours even after a few glasses of wine which is a winner because touching up lipstick every hour is not my cup of tea.

As you can see here Mac is my absolute favorite. I’m growing a collection that’s how much I love their lipsticks. The nudes are my everyday wear. The only difference between their Retro matte and Dior on my sensitive lips is that Mac tends to really dry my lips even more. I also have to touch it up a few times even though it’s a long wear.

Then I have my Yves Rocher lipsticks which I also love for different reasons. They give a different feel altogether, the texture is different they have a slight scent to them.They are moisturizing and are naturally made.

There you have it but with all that lipstick the lips always need care, especially if you suffer from dry lips like me you have to go the extra mile. My lip routine starts with this Lush sugar plum exfloliater besides the fact that it’s natural and freshly handmade, I love this exfloliater it smells divine sometimes I eat it…obviously by mistake but it tastes great or you can always use the sugar in your kitchen with a bit of water or dip a towel in warm water and scrub the lips to remove all the dead skin. You will feel the difference right away. Moisturize, moisturize I can’t say that enough it should be your bedtime routine like washing your face or brushing your teeth. Remember any healing happens when we are asleep.

Rouge Dior 999 matte= €35,50.

Mac cosmetics lipsticks = €19,50

Yves Rocher = €12,90

Below are some of my favorite lipstick picks. You can shop some of them or pick your own


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Home is where your make up stash is


As a model of color its always a struggle when you arrive on set excited about the job but worried about how you will look and who your make up artist is.

Makeup artists often dont have all the shades and you are faced with looking a shade or two lighter or darker and looking ghostly at times. I always make it a point to bring my own makeup and educate myself. No one is stealing my shine with bad makeup.

Finding out about fenty beauty I understood immediately where the hype is coming from and honestly it is the best thing that has happened to people of color and with good reason. I remember seeing a clip of a three shades darker lady buying her fenty foundation and she was in tears.

So i decided to buy myself the fenty rum and truffe stix for highlighting and contouring. Im happy to say im inlove and i love the convenience. Im also a mom so my time is limited and the match stix are the future as i dont have to spend hours doing makeup.

I achieved these two looks: day and night by using the following:

Bobbi brown foundation stick @bobbibrown, fenty rum and truffe match stix @fentybeauty,eyeliner,mascara and lipstick @maccosmetics,eyeshadow @clinique

Below are a few of my favorites which you can buy.


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