Mom jeans

We always say new year,new resolutions and we try our best to implement those resolutions. Anyway mom jeans are not my new year resolution I just thought since I always see them and like them on others, why not try them on me. I just never got around to owning a pair until 2018. It was always that debate with self ” oh no I don’t think they will suit me” or they are not for me even before trying them on. We do that quite often I don’t know if its a human thing. In situations you defeat yourself before even trying.

So one of my resolutions is to go for it, meaning take risks girl, what do you have to loose? A few knocks here and there is part of life. So I’m refraining from using the above quote or any defeated thinking before actually doing something. Here is to my first pair of mom jeans, I actually like them.

I mean they are so comfortable,I love skinny jeans but I feel like I have been depriving myself. I wanted them plain but they only had the ones with the pearl detail at the bottom. My husband asked me why do these pants look like they are being eaten at the bottom. That made my day honestly never laughed that hard. My reply was it’s fashion honey not my doing.

I thought I would pair them up with this gorgeous round bag which I find absolutely breathtaking and simple. Leonardo Da Vinci once said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. We can’t all be glamorous in our choices I have learned some of us are just attracted to simple beauty while some of us are attracted to more flashy and glamorous beauty.

I also love these gorgeous shoes I wore with the jeans.

I feel like it’s a definite yes for mom jeans. They are so versatile I find. I can wear them in so many different ways to suit any occasion. If you like my look, you can check out the items on my Shop my look on the menu.

Do you love mom jeans ? Please feel free to share your thoughts on this fashion item.

With love xx

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