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Hi lovelies

Well I know i have been a bit quiet on my blog, to be honest I was brainstorming on what to write about, how to write etc. It’s also difficult to find inspiration when you have two teething babies to tend to. Anyway today I’m sharing my look of the day. 

I am dressed in a simple yet chic outfit and I thought it’s worth sharing with you guys. The color coordination is amazing, it’s simple yet sophisticated. As you know I wrote a post on camel coats, I really just love them. What better way to wear camel coats than with all black pieces. All black is such a statement color that will always make you look amazing and elegant without trying too much. When you are going somewhere and you don’t know what to wear it’s always best to reach for your black dress or pants. All you have to do after is give it a punch by adding a bright color lipstick. Otherwise if you like natural lips just throw any color jacket on and you are dressed to kill.

 I’m carrying a gorgeous bag from MOA Paris. They sent me this bag to review and I absolutely love it. When looking for a handbag we always look for a good quality bag that will last us a lifetime. We always think the more expensive the bag, the better the quality. In most cases this is true but in this case it’s not, this bag costs 40€. The quality is amazing, it is well designed and well stitched. If I don’t mention the price one would assume it is expensive. So next time you go bag shopping look around the low priced bags, there is quality within them. 

I am wearing a dark lipstick so my lip color doesn’t take away from my look, instead it gives it a slight dramatic contrast. I played around on this last picture by putting on glasses just to have a different feel to the look. My watch is from Saint london XVI which I wrote about in my previous post if it interests you. I’m wearing a very simple necklace to add a bit of class to the look. I feel it all came together beautifully.

I will post the look on (shop my look) which is by the menu button. So if you like it you can have an idea of where to find the items.

Let me know your thoughts.

Love always xx

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Saintlondon XVI collab

It’s really hard moving to a new country but it has been my motivation. I might not have friends yet but I’m in contact with a lot of people from different countries through internet. That’s the power of the internet it’s like having imaginary friends when you were young, only you could see them and interact with them. Don’t know if that happens in real life maybe I watch too many movies.

So I started blogging and it has been a challenge but most of all a learning curve. I’m learning about myself, business, socializing etc all at the same time. I was confused in the beginning which niche to follow but I followed my heart which led me to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The reason I ended up with these three niches is my love for fashion and individualism within. There are thousands and thousands of fashion bloggers but I believe if I get inspired without copying I should be able to stand out or more like having a little bit of faith while doing my best.

I found a theme and followed it with each post and eventually there was a DM from Saintlondonxvi which said they liked my feed and they are interested in collaborating. Immediately I went on the internet and started researching on collaborations. Then I replied with a big Yes. An amazing Fitzrovia rose gold, a timeless and sophisticated timepiece for every occasion. Giving class and sophistication in the most subtle but brilliant manner arrived. Codes were sent and I had to take pictures and post together with my code. So exciting I thought as it inspired me to be creative about colors and textures. It was pretty straightforward to be honest no hassles. I’ll leave it at that and if you are interested in these gorgeous timepieces which I think are absolutely amazing head over to their website or follow this link https://www.saintlondonxvi.com/discount/VERONZEE which will lead you to a 20% off when checking out by using the discount code VERONZEE. You will find the piece that speaks to you the most. You can thank me later:)

I have been receiving a lot of emails and DM s but I’ve decided to stick more on the side of I’m not buying to advertise for a brand unless it’s one of my favorites,there has to be another way, I get the 50,20, 10 percent off but is it really worth it if the work is mostly for the brands than yourself. When do brands contact you to give you stuff for free to spread the word or pay you? How long does that take because I’m impatient to wait two years or however long. So I’ll just keep the faith and keep checking my inbox for that big offer that will bring more opportunities that are worth it for me.

P.S How amazing that Octoly decided to lower their requirements to 5k on Instagram, i thought that was fate because i had just heard about them and went online and it was 10 k next morning 5k.

Have you guys done any collaborations and what are your thoughts?

All the luck to me xx

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